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Keeping an “eye” on your investment property can be a bit challenging from a distance or even if you are close by. Every now and then, I bet it would be nice to “borrow” someone’s eyes and ears around your investment property for an occasional checkup on your property’s status. I not only sell properties all around yours, I also live only a couple blocks from it and I would like to be your real estate resource.

I have owned property in other cities and, because of the occasional challenges of long-distance ownership, I came up with some ways to help investors keep an eye on their property.




My FREE Investment Property Check-Up Plan does the following for you:

Yearly, I can:

1. Give you current market value rents on properties like yours.
2. Take photos of your property and email them to you.
3. Provide you free, over-the-phone or email, market price evaluations of your property, based on my massive database of “solds” in your area.
4. Evaluate whether or not a refinance can save you money.

I can offer money-saving advice on:

1. The best in carpet vendors, painters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, and all other local competent tradesmen.
2. Property Management companies.
3. Helping you sell or consider additional investments in the area.
4. I.R.C. 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges.

The yearly checkup service is automatic. Just give me a call, send me a text or email to get it started.

To receive this annual FREE Investment Property Check-Up call my office at 480-235-3716 so I can obtain the information I need to help you. If I am not in my office, please leave your number and a convenient time for us to talk, or register at  Out of Town Owners  and if you want to speed things up even more……. simply fill out the form below and you can make your appointment even more quickly.

Again, my service does not cost you anything because, frankly, it takes less than ten minutes of my time every few months to pull the information you may be looking for. Consider it a professional courtesy from a fellow long-distance investor who has found himself in the same situation. When you are ready to discuss your investment property’s sale, refinancing, rezoning, or even other purchases, please keep my name in mind.


Your Real Estate Resource

Ben Graham

Your Neighbor & Clemente Ranch Specialist